12cars2The season cycle has now turned. Gone are the chilly winters when even the afternoon drives felt pleasing. Sun god is ready to let loose its command. The temperatures will soar high, and the street roads would lie dead.

However, be it soaring petrol prices or high temperatures,

So here we are to give some quick tips to care your car in this Hot Season.

The weather in Northern India has been surprisingly pleasant and we quite welcome a brief break from the heat waves. But soon enough as the mercury shoots up to abnormal heights, we’ll all need some coolers from the blistering heat and so would your car.

So as the summers has come in the door, you all have to take care of your car.

Here are 5 Tips for Car Care in Indian Summers. :

Getting baked? Park in the shade

Easier said than done, we know. But try to find a shady spot for your car to take a nap. All vehicles naturally trap heat, and your car will quickly turn into an oven when parked in direct sunlight; quips Gunjan Batra, a working professional from Gurgaon, “I Park my car in the shade whenever possible and I prefer to step out in the evenings”; seconds Aninda Sardar who commutes everyday to work in his car. “I choose to leave the windows open a crack when he’s parking in a safe spot to allow ventilation. Also, I prefer to fill up the fuel in the morning and avoid afternoons for such activity as it is not good for the car”; he quickly adds.

If you can’t find a shady spot, use rolling tints or a car cover when not in use. Not as good, but better than no protection.

Palin Ningthoujam, a Digital Specialist, who struggles to find a decent parking space for his car everyday cautions that “parking your car on dry grass or over a pile of litter should be avoided whenever possible, especially when the engine is already heated up on a hot sunny day.”

Don’t ignore the Air-Conditioning

The air-conditioner in your car has to work harder in summer. So be kind to it. Dust and grime compound the problem, and it won’t help you keep your cool in the heat and traffic. Deeptie Sethi, Head of Communications with Ford India who also deals with traffic nuisance everyday ensures that she rolls down her car windows and lets the car cool off naturally before hitting the A/C button. In addition, regular servicing will do a world of good to your AC. Topping up the AC gas, getting the cooling coil washed and cleaned and unclogging the vents and ducts will improve its performance.

Your tyres need a kick

They may need a kick, literally. During the summer months, the heat increases the pressure in tyres, so do a fortnightly check before driving long distances. Get the tyre pressure checked at a petrol pump and make sure they’re inflated to the recommended level. Not only will this keep you safe, it will also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Pay attention to your colour choices

Black or darker shade interiors might look modish but darker colours absorb more heat and take a while to cool down. It is advisable to choose softer coloured seat covers and pastel interiors. Adds Deeptie; “I like to dress up my car with nice cotton seat covers in subtle shades. It adds a fresh zing to the interiors.” On the other hand, Sivasankari, a Senior Engineer with Ford India suggests that car covers come in two materials – Cloth & Plastic. “I prefer plastic material car cover because it comes with reflecting surface. Therefore, it doesn’t absorb heat. But it is a personal choice”

Your car needs fluids too

Keep an eye on the coolant levels. The coolant keeps the engine’s temperature in check so that it doesn’t stall in the heat. Make sure you refill when required. And while you’re doing that, hydrate yourself too.

Other than that, just keep a cool head while on the road.



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