Benefits of a Car Wash

car wash

Growing up, the only car wash our family vehicles received were administered at the hands of my dad with a soapy bucket and sponge in the driveway. Then I met my husband, whose family owns car washes, and suddenly I knew more about the business than I had ever imagined possible. Here are a few reasons you should consider taking your car to a full service professional car wash.

Winter Months and Salt Deposits are Tough on a Car

People who aren’t familiar with the car wash business sometimes ask my husband if they are open in the winter, and he always responds by telling them some of their busiest days are during winter months. In cold climates where it snows, the fluffy white precipitation is almost always preceded with a plethora of salt trucks laying deposits on roadways to create a lower freezing temperature. However, while beneficial to driving conditions, the salt can wreak havoc on your car. Salt is corrosive to the paint on your car, and can lead not only to rust, but damage to the undercarriage. After the snow melts and the white residue of leftover salt appears, this is an important time to bring your car in for a good wash.

Lower Quality Gas Station Car Washes

If you imagine a car wash in your mind, you likely visualize large rotating brush heads. The problem with this is that the brushes can be abrasive and lead to scratches in your car’s finish. Gas station car washes are an add-on way for the gas station to make money and not their primary business or priority. Going to a professional family owned car wash give you the insurance that is it run by people who eat, breathe and sleep car washes. The use only cloth or “touchless” systems, attend car wash conventions, subscribe to car wash magazines, and know their livelihood depends on delivering a quality car wash to earn your repeat business and word of mouth recommendation

Good Car Washes Maintain Your Car’s Value

Not only will a good, regular car washes preserve the finish on your car, but other services a high end car wash offers add years of life to your car’s appearance, and increase the money you will get for it when the time comes to sell. Full service car washes not only clean the outside of your car, but the inside as well. They keep dust from building up in the crevices of your dashboard and vacuum your floor mats. Many car washes also offer full detailing services, where every inch of your car enjoys a spa-like restoration. I cannot tell you how many people have told me their car felt like it was brand new again after a visit to our detail shop.

While the cost of a high quality professional  is an added expense, not only will you enjoy the aesthetics of driving around in a clean car, but it will pay dividends in years to come.



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